Sausage Cream Gravy on a Low Carb Biscuit ~ Low Carb Comfort Food

Sausage Cream Gravy

1 lb breakfast sausage

1 cup of cream plus ½ cup water

or 1 can Nestle Table Cream

1-2 Tbsp Carbquik

salt and pepper to taste

Crumble sausage in a skillet and cook until brown. Sprinkle Carbquik over the browned sausage and stir;  continue to cook a little longer.   Add the cream/water mixture or the table cream.  Continue cooking and stirring. Season with salt and pepper.  Serve over warm low carb biscuits.

Carbquik Biscuits

1  1/2 cups Carbquik

1 tsp aluminum free baking powder

1 egg (second time I’ve used an egg with favorable results)

1/4 cup heavy cream, plus 1/4 cup water, mixed

1 tablespoon granulated Truvia, optional

Pinch salt

This is what I did:

First of all I mixed the egg with the cream/water mixture, then added the sweetener and salt.  I mixed the Carbquik and  baking powder together, then added it into the egg/cream mixture.  I stirred until well mixed then dropped onto a buttered pan, and patted them with the back of my spoon some so they would flatten out  into a more rounded shape.

I always bake my biscuits hot and fast, on about 425º, so they don’t get hard as a rock.  I baked them about 10 minutes or so (think I forgot to time them), until they looked light brown and done.  After removing them from the oven, I brushed them with melted butter.  I was quite pleased with the flavor, tho they might be a tad sweet for some.

*Note:  I’ve found this newest box of Carbquik to be not as salty as previous boxes, which I think helps with the overall flavor.
Also, I don’t usually put eggs in my typical high carb biscuits, but have found out they work pretty good in the Carbquik biscuits.
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13 responses to “Sausage Cream Gravy on a Low Carb Biscuit ~ Low Carb Comfort Food

  1. Looks DELICIOUS!!!! Were do you buy Carbquick?? Do you have to buy it online or is it available in chain grocery stores???

  2. Click on the first Carbquik in the sausage gravy recipe and it will take you to Netrition.

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  7. Can you reduce the amount of Splenda?

    • if you mean in the biscuits, yes Splenda is just optional. I wouldn’t normally sweeten my biscuits, but with Carbquick, it just seems to help round out the flavor.

      I just made this recipe and subbed some coconut flour for the Carbquick and used about a teaspoon of Splenda and the biscuits turned out great!

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  9. Barbara Corry

    Why does everyone use heavy cream with Carbquik instead of a non fat milk?

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  11. Does anyone have nutritional info on this recipe?

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