Sausage Cream Gravy on a Low Carb Biscuit ~ Low Carb Comfort Food

Sausage Cream Gravy

1 lb breakfast sausage

1 cup of cream plus ½ cup water

or 1 can Nestle Table Cream

1-2 Tbsp Carbquik

salt and pepper to taste

Crumble sausage in a skillet and cook until brown. Sprinkle Carbquik over the browned sausage and stir;  continue to cook a little longer.   Add the cream/water mixture or the table cream.  Continue cooking and stirring. Season with salt and pepper.  Serve over warm low carb biscuits.

Carbquik Biscuits

1  1/2 cups Carbquik

1 tsp aluminum free baking powder

1 egg (second time I’ve used an egg with favorable results)

1/4 cup heavy cream, plus 1/4 cup water, mixed

1 tablespoon granulated Truvia, optional

Pinch salt

This is what I did:

First of all I mixed the egg with the cream/water mixture, then added the sweetener and salt.  I mixed the Carbquik and  baking powder together, then added it into the egg/cream mixture.  I stirred until well mixed then dropped onto a buttered pan, and patted them with the back of my spoon some so they would flatten out  into a more rounded shape.

I always bake my biscuits hot and fast, on about 425º, so they don’t get hard as a rock.  I baked them about 10 minutes or so (think I forgot to time them), until they looked light brown and done.  After removing them from the oven, I brushed them with melted butter.  I was quite pleased with the flavor, tho they might be a tad sweet for some.

*Note:  I’ve found this newest box of Carbquik to be not as salty as previous boxes, which I think helps with the overall flavor.
Also, I don’t usually put eggs in my typical high carb biscuits, but have found out they work pretty good in the Carbquik biscuits.
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13 responses to “Sausage Cream Gravy on a Low Carb Biscuit ~ Low Carb Comfort Food

  1. Does anyone have nutritional info on this recipe?

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  3. Barbara Corry

    Why does everyone use heavy cream with Carbquik instead of a non fat milk?

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  5. Can you reduce the amount of Splenda?

    • if you mean in the biscuits, yes Splenda is just optional. I wouldn’t normally sweeten my biscuits, but with Carbquick, it just seems to help round out the flavor.

      I just made this recipe and subbed some coconut flour for the Carbquick and used about a teaspoon of Splenda and the biscuits turned out great!

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  10. Click on the first Carbquik in the sausage gravy recipe and it will take you to Netrition.

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  11. Looks DELICIOUS!!!! Were do you buy Carbquick?? Do you have to buy it online or is it available in chain grocery stores???

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