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Old fashioned homemade vanilla ice cream is on my weekend menu!

I can’t believe I haven’t made any homemade ice cream yet, but I plan on changing that this weekend!

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Snow Cream!

(Recipe Re-run)

For all you with snow on the ground…

Here’s a real treat you can make with that white fluffy stuff!

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Southern Style Salmon Patties (low carb)

Low Carb Southern Style Salmon Patties

16 ounces pink salmon, canned

1 egg

1/3 cup onion, minced

1/2 cup Carbquik (or 1/4 cup almond flour and 1/4 cup crushed pork skins)

dash each of salt, pepper, Old Bay Seasoning

almond flour for dredging

oil for frying

Drain salmon thoroughly.  Flake it with a fork in a large bowl.  Add remaining ingredients (except dredging flour and oil) and mix well.  Form into patties.   Add oil to a frying pan and heat to medium-high heat.  Dredge each patty in almond four.  Place patties in pan.  Brown on each side, turning once gently. Drain on paper towels and serve with Heinz reduced sugar ketchup  or homemade tartar sauce for dipping.  Add a green veggie or garden salad to complete the meal.

Cook’s Note:  Mom always used corn meal for dredging. 


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Mom’s Pimento Cheese

Pimento?  Pimiento?

Not sure exactly, so we’ll go with Pimento for this post.

One thing I’m sure of, as a kid I did NOT like Pimento Cheese!

I really didn’t enjoy Pimento Cheese until I was expecting my first daughter. That’s when I began to crave it.   I couldn’t get enough of it!

And I have to have it with plain Lays potato chips, just like Mom!

This past Sunday it was cool and rainy.  Homemade Chili and Homemade Pimento Cheese sounded like it would hit the spot, so that’s what I made.  I made it using Mom’s simple recipe.  I even used the potato masher just like she did.  It turned out great!  If I could have shared it with her, I would.

Mom’s Homemade Pimento Cheese

2 lbs Velveeta

1 large jar of diced pimentos

1/2 cup Kraft mayonaisse

Salt & Pepper

1 tsp sugar (optional – Mom chose not to)

Cut Velveeta into  chunks.  Place into a large bowl.  Add pimentos, mayo, salt & pepper.  Using a potato masher,  smash the cheese and pimento mixture until well mixed and spreadable.  Spread onto sandwich bread.  Serve with plain potato chips and a pickle spear, or serve with a bowl of homemade chili on a cool evening.  Enjoy!

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Old Fashioned Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Updated pic below…

Ok, so not a very good photo.  It was melting fast!  I really needed to give the ice cream time to “ripen” in the metal container nestled in the salty ice.  But as it goes around my house when it comes to homemade ice cream – we just can’t wait!

ice cream

Here’s the “recipe” I use.  It’s my mom’s.  That’s what I always strive to do, make it like Mom’s.  The only thing different I do from Mom is to heat the milk and temper the egg mixture.  Then I call the custard cooked just in case I’m serving finicky people who don’t prefer to eat “raw” eggs.

Old-Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream

  • 6 eggs
  • 2 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 2 each 13-ounce cans evaporated milk
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 1 pint heavy whipping cream
  • whole milk , as needed to fill line
  • chipped ice
  • rock salt (like this)

In a large mixing bowl, beat eggs. Add sugar gradually, stirring constantly. Add salt, vanilla, condensed milk, and cream.  Heat the 2 cans of evaporated milk in the microwave until boiling.  Add the milk a little at a time to the egg mixture to prevent curdling.

You will need an ice cream freezer.  Mom used this kind.  Pour the ice cream mixture into the metal freezer can.  Add enough whole sweet milk until the mixture reaches the container’s fill line.  Stir.

Assemble the ice cream freezer. Add alternating layers of chipped ice and rock salt to barrel around freezer can.  If electric, plug the freezer in and let it do it’s thing, adding more ice and salt, as needed.  When freezer stops, unplug.  Remove top and dasher.

Ice cream may be soft on top (see pic above :D) but will be firmer near the bottom of the can.   Replace top. Cover can with more ice and salt. Cover ice with a towel, allowing ice cream to “ripen” for at least 1 hour, if you can wait!  🙂

Makes about 5 quarts of ice cream.


Here’s to the happy days of summer!


And after it sets overnight…