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My Baked Fudge ~ Sugar Free

When the desire for something warm, chocolaty and sweet hits me, I usually want it homemade.

My family likes the individual Molten Chocolate Cakes I make for them.  So do I!  But…I don’t need the sugar, so I set about making something similar for myself.

I checked to see what ingredients I had on hand and this is what I came up with.  I had no idea if this would work without flour or an egg, but guess what?!  It did!

It’s actually very yummy, especially with a little sugar free ice cream on top.  The individual serving size is just the right amount for a single serving.  It satisfies and when its gone…it’s gone. 😀

On hand I had cream, cocoa, granulated Splenda, unsweetened coconut and vanilla.

In a small cup, I mixed about 1/3 cup of heavy whipping cream and 2-3 teaspoons of cocoa together. It became mousse-like.  I added  Splenda to taste and about a tablespoon of unsweetened coconut.  I know this all sounds kinda weird, but it worked for me!  lol

I lightly buttered my little baking dish and spread the mixture on the bottom and a little up the sides.

I put it in a 400º toaster oven for about 15 minutes.  The crust on top looked just like a brownie!  And inside it was all gooey.  Yum-yum!

See all that warm, gooey, yumminess!

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Holiday Goodies

A crazy, hectic day at work means I get to re-post some goodies from the past.

When I think about all the great recipes and cooking I’ve done over the years that I never took pictures of…that I could blog about…I get sad.

All the years of Taste of Home and Quick Cooking subscriptions and all the recipes I made when my kiddos were young and I was a SAHM…they got me where I am today.  Needing to lose some inches!

The longs lists of goodies made for the holidays, candy trays made for my mom to share at work, loaves of bread I baked for a sick friend…great memories.

My diet has changed, out of neccessity.  Now I try to be a little smarter in my cooking and a little more choosy in my recipes.

Some of the old family favorites haven’t changed and probably never will.

Here’s some of my favorite candies and treats for the holidays…treats because that’s about the only time they get made!  🙂

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge


Pineapple Cheese Ball


Peanut Butter Balls


Cheesy Sausage Balls

Another Brownie Recipe

What’s your favorite can’t-live-without-holiday treat?

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National Pie Day – January 23rd

In honor of National Pie Day…check out these easy,

yet delicious pie recipes.


Chocolate Fudge Pie

 Printable Recipe


Aunt Mary’s Chess Pie

Printable Recipe



Southern Pecan Pie

Printable Recipe

Food & Crafts: Things I’ve made recently

First of all…

I had my baby great nephew over the weekend.  He’s always a blast to have around and keeps us hopping!

Jaxon eating on a lemon.


Too cute for words! Look at those blue eyes!



and finally…his Sunday afternoon nap.






Now on to the things I’ve made lately…


A  candy tray for my boss


Another candy tray – for family

A  candy tray for my family


My morning cup of coffee - digital watercolor

My morning cup of coffee – digital watercolor.


Our New Year's Eve dinner - A Southern Tradition

Our New Year’s Eve dinner – A Southern Tradition


 Fingerless gloves made from a felted sweater




What have you made lately?  Feel free to post a link to your blog or site.

Have a great Monday!

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

2 cups granulated sugar

2/3 cup milk

1 cup marshmallow creme

1 cup peanut butter, creamy or chunky

1 teaspoon vanilla

Boil sugar and milk in a medium saucepan, stirring occasionally, to soft ball stage*, or about 236° on a candy thermometer.

Remove from heat and stir in remaining ingredients. Beat well with a wooden spoon until the fudge begins to turn glossy.

Pour candy into a greased 8×8-inch pan.   Cut peanut butter fudge into squares when firm.  Enjoy!

*To Test for Soft Ball Stage
A small amount of syrup dropped into chilled water forms a ball, but is soft enough to flatten when picked up with fingers (234° to 240°).

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Special Cake with Fudge Sauce


The strawberries were gone too soon.

But, there was still plenty of Aunt Mary’s Special Cake to be eaten.  I recalled my Mom’s  famous Skillet Cake and Fudge Sauce that I always requested for my birthday.  This recipe is not like hers, but it was quite yummy and was gone very soon.  I even had to make another batch to finish off the Special Cake.  My oldest daughter couldn’t get enough of it.  I think she had it for supper one night along with another piece (or two) for dessert!

I just kinda threw this together and here’s my sketchy instructions.

Microwave Fudge Sauce

1 square of semi-sweet baking chocolate
1/3 stick butter
1/4 cup cream or sweet milk
powdered/confectioner sugar (as much as needed for taste and consistency – I think I used a cup or more)

Place chocolate, butter, and milk in a microwave dish.
Cook on high for 2-3 minutes.  Stir until chocolate is melted and sauce is smooth. Begin to add confectioner sugar, stirring after each addition until desired sauce consistency is achieved.

Chocolate Pecan Fudge Pie


Fudge Pie

With work slowing down, we’ve found ourselves home more during the week.  What better to do than bake?!



1 c. sugar
4 tbsp. flour
4 tbsp. cocoa
1/2 c. milk
2 whole eggs
3 tbsp. butter, melted
1 tsp. vanilla flavoring
chopped pecans (optional)
Dump all ingredients into a mixing bowl and beat well. Pour into an unbaked pastry shell. We sprinkled a few pecans in the bottom before pouring in the batter. Bake in preheated oven at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Cool before slicing.  Top with freshly whipped cream.