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Snap On

For my photography friends…


Happy Friday!

Instagram Photos

What fun I’m having! ¬†ūüôā










Are you loving Instagram?

It’s Snowing…again.

Wow! ¬†I can’t remember the last time we had 2 snows

just within days of each other.

My hubby and girls are out walking in it right now.

It’s just too cold for me.

I read where it’s supposed to be windy and

cold tomorrow.

Yuck. ¬†I dread it, but I’m trying to enjoy

the snow while it’s here.

Then bring on the SPRING!

Pictures from our last snow

My daughter pulling my baby nephew on the sled.


Sledding down the hill is so much fun!




But, I’m ready for this

WARM weather, SUN, and WATER!

It’s Snowing!!!!!

Boy, oh boy, is it ever! ¬†We have about 5″ and are expecting more tonight.

Work even closed early, which is very unusual. ¬†The banks closed at noon. ¬†But that didn’t stop people from getting out.

We went sledding at 7:00 pm!  Then came home to a big crock pot of Homemade Chili to warm our cold and weary bodies.

If it’s snowing where you are, have fun, stay warm and be careful!

Link of the Week – Lilly Anna Kids

Introducing Misty, amazing homeschooling

mother of three! 


Photographer, entrepeneur, blogger, mom, wife to her highschool

sweetheart Рhow does she do it all?



Check out Misty’s creative blog, Lilly Anna Kids.¬†¬† There’s great photography

 and fabulous, funky clothes for kids.   Fun, fun, fun!

It will bring a smile to your day.

Her website, Lilly Anna Kids dot com, allows you to purchase these magical

creations for your own little prince or princess. 

Be sure and pay Misty a visit.




On another note…


I made Pioneer Woman’s Onion Strings last night…yum, yum!

Photograph courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

They were¬†very tasty¬†alongside My Handyman’s

Grilled Wild Turkey Breast.  Be sure and try them soon!


Link of the week

I’m always looking for great recipes, projects and craft ideas.¬† It’s so much fun¬† hopping from link to link.¬†


Since I’m really busy at the moment and have so many links on my sidebar already, I thought I’d post a new link every week for you to enjoy.


Hop on over and check out The Farm Chick’s Journal.¬† There’s lots of great recipes and crafty ideas for you to enjoy through the¬†cold winter.

Wednesday Wordles

What’s going on with my Wordles?

My Wordles always have some funny things going on.¬† Is it the text or perhaps my monitor settings?¬† Drives me bonkers.¬† Then I couldn’t post the link, so I had to do a screenshot.


For more fun with Wordles, visit www.wordle.net.

Friday fun with word clouds

 This is the neatest thing! 

You may have seen it already on other blogs, but if not, go check out Wordle.net.¬†¬†¬†Wordle is a toy for generating ‚Äúword clouds‚ÄĚ from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.¬† Add the text, press CREATE and out comes a cool word map, for which you can change the font, color, orienation of the words, etc.¬† The images are yours to save and share as I’m doing here today.

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I’ve seen these designs printed on t-shirts.¬† Didn’t know it was so easy to do!¬† Maybe I’ll do my daughter some birthday invitations or have some shirts printed for her party…kewl!¬† Go try it for yourself.¬† Have fun!