Yummy Low Carb Breakfast Pudding

This recipe has been around for a while!  But there’s a reason for that…it’s yummy and filling!



1/3 cup ricotta cheese (I use cottage cheese)
1 egg
3 Tbs. heavy cream
1 Tbs. flax meal
sugar free Maple syrup (I also add a packet of Stevia to sweeten)
Dash of cinnamon

Put first three ingredients into a sauce pan and cook until thick, kinda like a cream of wheat consistency.  Stir in Stevia and flax meal.

Top with sugar free breakfast syrup and a pat of real butter if desired.   Serve warm.

COOK’S NOTE:  Loaded with lots of fiber and high in Omega-3s, flaxseed is great for firing up the metabolism.  Flaxseed meal can also be used as a binder or egg substitute in baked goods for people who are allergic to eggs. The seeds can be sprinkled on fruit, vegetables, cereal or yogurt, while flax seed meal can be used in baking or to bulk out meat dishes.

With the cottage cheese and no Splenda:
Cal 321, Fat 24 g, Net Carbs 8 g, Protein 18 g

*Recipe found at Low Carb Friends.

27 responses to “Yummy Low Carb Breakfast Pudding

  1. Good on cold fall day.

  2. How is this as a left over for other mornings?

  3. I use a similar breakfast. 1/3 c flax meal, 1scoop whey powder, 1egg, 3T torriani sf syrup, 1/2 t baking powder. Stir well. 1 1/2 min in the microwave. I top it with milk. Like bread pudding. Very simple. Add 1 T butter or oil if you must. I like it without.

  4. I just made this this morning and was amazed it ended up with the consistency of cream of wheat. I did mine in the microwave, btw. I just stirred it every 20 seconds with a small wire whisk, and I think it turned out perfectly. Very tasty! This is definitely a nice addition to my (recently started) Keto-diet breakfast line up. Thank you!

  5. wow, really delicious! Made it with ricotta and sugar free Torrani caramel syrup, with pat of butter, of course! VERY good. For me, Breakfast ideas are the hardest to come up with when planning low carb menus, this is going to the top of the breakfast list!

  6. Going to try this tomorrow when I get groceries today. 🙂

  7. Grandma Susan

    I enjoy this for breakfast because I really miss my oatmeal! I added a little extra flax meal, 1/4 t orange flavoring and a sprinkle of cinnamon this time and was very pleased with it. Has anyone tried making it in the microwave? And do you know how many carbs it has? Thank you.

  8. I just made this a few min ago. It’s so yummy! Wanted to find something besides smoothies or scrambled eggs for breakfast. I’m so glad I ran across this recipe. Didn’t have any heavy cream, so I used half and half and honey for the sweetener. It’s a winner!

  9. I can’t eat fax, is there a substitute you can recommend? The recipe sounds delicious and I’d love to make it.

    • I’ve never substituted anything for the flax seed. You might try leaving it out, OR subbing ground chia or hemp seeds. Good luck! I hope this works out for you. 🙂

  10. Shannon Strickland-Brown

    I used to eat cottage cheese cold with a sugar sub, and cinnamon, but never thought about it warm!!! Oh I can not wait to try this!

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  12. DeLynn White

    This is one of my most favorite go to breakfast recipes when I want something hot on a cold morning. It tastes like bread pudding….without the bread!

  13. It is super yummy! Reminds me of egg custard.

  14. Love this stuff.

  15. I will have to try this! I’ve had a bad week struggling to stay focused. Birthdays and babyshowers are a killer! Ugh… This sounds awesome. 🙂

    • been there and done that! We have family dinners almost every week and we’re always having special occasions with excuses to eat. Gotta get refocused. 🙂

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