HCG Recipes, including the Phase 2 Chili!

For anyone interested in the HCG Diet, some great recipes and my progress…go here.

In the meantime, here’s some more great HCG Phase 2 recipes.


Photo and recipe from HCG Heaven.


Photo and recipe from HCG Heaven.

Here’s some very helpful HCG Protocol tips.


Photo and recipe from A Bushel of Apples


Photo and recipe from A Bushel of Apples

…More HCG Phase 2 Recipes


4 responses to “HCG Recipes, including the Phase 2 Chili!

  1. I found this blog by accident while I was looking for some new HCG phase 2 recipes. I love that you’re in the same area as I am. I look forward to some great seasonal recipes.

    • I’m no longer on HCG, but I hope you’ll find something here to help you. I’m back on low carb. Just searching for something that will work for me. I’m such a SLOW loser, but I have to keep trying. Good luck on HCG and be sure to share your results. 🙂

  2. Wow! Lovely photos! Glad you had a wonderful Easter. Love your blog.

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