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Time to do a little cleaning out!

Do y’all have the “cleaning out” bug?

I do!  I think the bug is going around.

Check out my friend, Kelli, over at Along the Dirt Road.

She has a lovely farmhouse and is sharing about Clean Surfaces today.


Kitchen Style

So many beautiful looks!  So little time and money!

I’m trying to remodel my small country style kitchen,

but what’s my style?!

I see one kitchen and I think, “That’s it!” only to

be awestruck by another style.

So far I’ve been through the country blue and mauve

“Ducks” stage, then

on to the blue and yellow “Sunflowers” stage,

to the “Teacups” stage.

Now I’m not sure what I’m ready for,

other than I know I’m ready for a change.

I’ve been checking interiors like crazy!

I think I’m leaning more toward this pale green walls

with white cabinets layout.

Right now I have some open shelving

that is stained dark oak, so that means they would

get painted white.

Am I ready for that?!

Then I ran across this…

That blue is awesome and look at all that light!

Still, that’s a lot of white…

Here’s lots of open shelving painted white.

Beautiful and that country look that I love.

Then…look at all this color! It’s such a warm kitchen.

I love the island and all the personality!


Wow!  This is nice with pops of color here and there!

Hmmm…nice green cabinets!

I love this beadboard!


What about this French Country kitchen with all the lovely

warm woods and colors?  I love the utensil shelf.

Look at all this color!

Makes you feel happy just looking at it.

Oh!  I’m liking this

Cottage Kitchen!


Here’s a Shabby Chic Kitchen.


Here’s Lindy’s kitchen over at Cottage Hill.

I love everything about her whole house!

Love these soft green walls, too.

This girl’s got style!

I’ve ran across other kitchens that really impressed me,

but I can’t find

them at this time.  I guess you’re glad, uh? 😀

I may need to

do another kitchen post in the future!

If I can muster the energy

and everything else it takes to remodel, I will

share my own kitchen picstures with you.

. . .

Thanks for coming along on my kitchen tour.