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Stormy Monday

Storms And Rainbows
by Ruth Warren
Storm clouds gather in a cobalt sky
Beneath a far-away world, gazing high
Embracing power of nature’s force
Commence a journey of ancient course

Whipping winds cleanse the deepening doubt
Assembled force from within, without
Darkness surrounding gathering light
Face assaulted by blustering bite

Arms raised high in a soulful appeal
Summoning strength long thought unreal
Undisturbed, the storm passes by
Quiet electric a new heart held high

In crystal clarity, sublimely calm
Silently praised with cherished alms
Arched in beauty, promises new
Rainbow emerges in precious dew

Unvoiced praise escapes without a sound
Untold joys of inner peace abound
Timeless harmony one could only know
Of tempest storms and peaceful rainbow.

2 years ago around this time, I posted my Southern Pecan Pie recipe.