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Deep Dish Pizza ~ Low Carb • Grain Free • Gluten Free

This low carb pizza recipe has been around for years and I’m probably the last blogger to share it!  It’s the pizza that I always make for the whole family and they love it. The crust is neither crusty, thin, … Continue reading

Yummy Cheesy Sausage Balls ~ Low Carb and Grain Free

I’ve worked on my old sausage ball recipe and I think it’s a success! If you love Sausage Balls, try this recipe. You won’t even miss the baking mix! Yummy Cheesy Sausage Balls (low carb & grain free) 3/4 lb. … Continue reading

Maple Snickerdoodles ~ Low Carb • Grain Free • Sugar Free

This delicious cookie is perfect for a cookie swap or with a cup of morning coffee. MAPLE SNICKERDOODLES ½ cup unsalted butter, softened 2 eggs 2 cups almond flour 2 tablespoons coconut flour 1½ cups sweetener (Truvia or Swerve) ½ … Continue reading

Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas ~ Low Carb

This recipe came about when I was thinking about my fridge and pantry ingredients.   They were quick and easy to throw together and the left-overs make a handy lunch.  Tasty and filling, just one enchilada seems to satisfy.  Serve with … Continue reading

Southern Style Fauxtato Salad ~ Low Carb

My grandmother made the BEST potato salad!  After she was unable, my mom started making it and it was just like Grandma Butler’s. Even though my mom didn’t eat anything “white, bland or mushy”, she would always make potato salad … Continue reading

Chicken Fried Steak with Cream Gravy ~ Low Carb and Grain Free

I’m adding this recipe to my low carb comfort foods file! Totally filling and very satisfying, this meal has it all.  It’s fried and topped with gravy.  I felt like I was eating off plan! On to the recipe… Process … Continue reading

Southern Style Salmon Patties (low carb)

Originally posted on Heart of a Country Home:
Low Carb Southern Style Salmon Patties 16 ounces pink salmon, canned 1 egg 1/3 cup onion, minced 1/2 cup Carbquik (or 1/4 cup almond flour and 1/4 cup crushed pork skins) dash each of…

Almond Flax Bread ~ Low Carb • Grain Free • Wheat Free

I miss a good sandwich bread, so I wanted to try to make this when I saw a similar recipe.  This bread is sturdy and not real tall but can be sliced thin like I like it, so the loaf … Continue reading

Zuppa Toscana ~ Low Carb

That frosty chill in the air means it’s soup weather!   This is a delicious make-at-home version of Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana. This rich creamy soup is easy to make so don’t let the unusual ingredients scare you off!   … Continue reading

Almond Flour Biscuits ~ Low Carb • Grain Free

Looking for a sturdy wheat free biscuit to hold up some yummy sugar free pumpkin butter or maybe some sausage gravy?   Not exactly like grandma made, but close to it for sure.  And so tasty, you’ll almost feel guilty. Almond … Continue reading

Fried Fauxtatoes – Low Carb and Grain Free

This crunchy tuber has quickly become one of my favorite potato replacements! It just satisfies that need to crunch and chew, which I love! (Don’t these look like the real deal?!) This crispy tuber has a hint of sweetness and … Continue reading

Yummy Low Carb Breakfast Pudding

This recipe has been around for a while!  But there’s a reason for that…it’s yummy and filling! CJ’S BREAKFAST PUDDING 1/3 cup ricotta cheese (I use cottage cheese) 1 egg 3 Tbs. heavy cream 1 Tbs. flax meal sugar free Maple … Continue reading

Low Carb Lunch

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I’m left with 3 extra unwanted pounds! What to do?  Get back to my low carb way of eating, of course!  🙂 Here’s my low carb lunch today. Check out my low carb induction page … Continue reading

Easy Cheesy Chili Mac…low carb comfort food!

Easy Cheesy Chili Mac 1 pound lean ground beef  1/2  medium onion, diced 1 (14 1/2 ounce) can Italian style stewed tomatoes, undrained 1 1/2 cups shredded sharp Cheddar cheese, divided 1/2 cup  sour cream 1 1/2 teaspoons chili powder 1/4 … Continue reading

Atkins’ Low Carb Induction Menus

    DAY 1 Breakfast: 2 Egg Muffins Lunch: Cheeseburger, lettuce, mayo, pickles Dinner: Grilled Chicken Legs, Salad LINKS: Induction Food List Printable PDF List with some do’s and don’ts Induction Recipes at Low Carber Breakfast Recipes at Low Carber … Continue reading