Handyman’s Jambalaya

Heart of a Country Home

My hubby has these boring hunting videos…

well, boring to me anyway.  That’s where he got the inspiration and recipe for this Jambalaya.  (Actually it’s the Duck Commander who taught my hubby how to make this wonderful dish!)

That hubby is holding a spoon in his hand and putting this dish together all by himself is totally amazing!

When it comes to grilling, he’s a pro…but to actually cook something in a pot that has lots of ingredients?!  I’m impressed.  🙂

Love you, baby!  Keep up the good work.

What’s that famous saying...”Make Jambalaya.  They will come.”  Just kidding.  I made that up.

Nevertheless, it’s true!  This is some good stuff.


Sausage and chicken thighs simmering in the dutch oven.


Here he’s added the peppers, onions, and spices.


Right after adding the chicken broth, tomato paste, and rice.


….and the finished…

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