National Buffet Day and my birthday present!

I just saw where January 2nd is National Buffet Day.

It’s also my birthday!

How fitting that I was going to post about my birthday gift,  this 3 crock slow cooker that my hubby got me.

I want to use this Sunday at our church’s monthly dinner.  What can I put in the crocks? I’ve seen them with 3 different flavors of wings…then one lady brought meat, gravy and green beans or rice.

What do you suggest? I need something tasty and fairly easy and something that won’t hold up the food line. I don’t want someone standing there trying to assemble something like tacos or burritos and holding up the line.  I would have a lot of people upset with me. We’re a hungry bunch when we get out of church.

I know you’ll have some great suggestions!  Looking forward to them.

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15 responses to “National Buffet Day and my birthday present!

  1. ONE THING THAT WOULD BE HEART IS CHILI IN ONE RICE IN ANOTHER AND BEEF STEW IN ANOTHER THEY COULD USE THE RICE WITH EITHER THE STEW OR THE CHILI AND YOU COULD MAKE IT TURKEY CHILI FOR THOSE WHO DON’T DO A LOT OF BEEF BUT WITH WEATHER LIKE WE ARE HAVING THOSE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE HEARTY COMFORT FOODS, yesterday was my moms birthday as well and well she is an angel now but talking about a church function is something we would have done together lol I really miss her and I hope you have a blessed year. I stumbled on your site by accident but had to bookmark it I really enjoy reading it,

    • Welcome, Angela! Happy Angel Birthday to your mom! Iknow what it’s like to lose that one most precious! I lost mine in 2010 and it only feels like yesterday. Thanks for the great idea for my 3 crock slow cooker! It sounds totally doable. Glad you decided to stick around. 🙂

  2. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. I like Shannon’s idea, although I would have to make crockpot mac n cheese instead of the mostaccioli. Here is the recipe! Mangia!

  4. Happy Birthday Jillian and all the best in 2014.

  5. Happy Birthday, I turn 51 today as Jan. 2nd is also my birthday. And guess where we are going to eat? A Buffet. No wonder I enjoy your blog so much! Thank You.

    • lol That is hilarious! Happy Birthday to you!!! Was it snowing on your birthday? My mom told me that it was snowing on the evening before I was born. They were on their way to the hospital when the car quit and she took her suitcase and walked the rest of the way, while dad stayed and worked on the car. I was born at 1:30 the next afternoon. 🙂

  6. What about a barbecue trio? Baked beans, barbecue meatballs, and maybe a mostaccioli made with barbecue sauce? I do sweet meatballs in the crock every year at Christmas and they are a big hit. I can post the recipe if you want it.

    • Hm, that sounds good, Shannon. You’re welcome to share your recipe.

      • Here it is:
        1 to 2 lbs of frozen meatballs, Swedish or Italian
        1 12 oz bottle of Heinz Chili Sauce
        1 Can of Sauerkraut – drained
        3 Cups of Brown Sugar

        Add the sugar, meatballs, and kraut to a crock pot. Pour the entire bottle of chili sauce over the meatballs. Fill the sauce bottle with water to collect any excess sauce and pour it into the crock as well.

        Cook on high for 4 hours, stirring a bit each hour. And then cook on low for 4 hours and continue to stir each hour. You do not have to add any more water as the meatballs will make their own juice as they cook.

        Some people have added cranberry sauce, grape jelly, or dried cranberries to this recipe, but I like it just as it is. Plain and simple. The meatballs end up with a nice sweet barbecue flavor and everyone will think the kraut is apples! Don’t tell them what it is! Let them keep guessing.

      • wow, sound yummy! That’s quite a bit of brown sugar, but I bet it makes a delicious BBQ sauce!

      • I have seen some takes on the recipe calling for equal parts brown and white sugar, but I just use the brown. And yes, it makes a yummy sauce!

      • I love brown sugar! 😳😊

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