Going wheat-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and soda-free and my 1 month results!

After much research and reading, I decided to make some changes in my “diet” on September 1st.

I had been noticing that after I ate a meal that included wheat and sugar, my hands would swell and I would be stiff the next morning.  I decided to eliminate those things from my diet for a while and see what happened.

Well, no more bloating, swelling, or stiffness and my appetite is more manageable.  My desire for sweets has diminished as well.

So as of today, I have successfully gone wheat-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and diet soda-free for a month!

No, I haven’t been perfect, but real close!

After a month, I have lost and kept off 7.4 lbs! yay me! 🙂

I feel much better, have more energy, and have lost inches.  My plans are to keep on this way of eating and hopefully heal some physical issues I’ve had for a few years.

October, here I come! I’m still a work in progress, but it is progress after all!

What changes have you made in your diet lately and what results are you getting?


8 responses to “Going wheat-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and soda-free and my 1 month results!

  1. That’s great that you are feeling better and have more energy…if you do go back to the foods you have eliminated try to only have them every three days. I was told that this helps to reduce the effects but unfortunately it didn’t work for me, maybe it depends how severe the effects you get are? Good luck!

    • I do not plan on going back to those for a while. I think it will take a while to heal these issues. That’s my plan, anyway! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Robin Headley

    YAY You!!!

    • Amen to that! lol I would’ve taken more but I’m happy to see results at all with my contrary self!

      • Jillian, although I love southern food as my mama was from
        the south and we had hot biscuits (not canned) and
        cornbread every day just as Mexican families eat tortillas.
        However eating her mouth watering southern food did not
        help me with the problems I was destined to have.

        You make wonderful low carb foods and I cannot understand
        why you don’t stick with it? Having a good old southern
        comfort food meal is a sometimes thing, but LC is an
        everyday healthy way to eat. You are a wonderful LC cook.

      • Hi, Barbo. I did love my mama’s biscuits! And no one could beat Aunt Mary’s buttermilk cornbread! It went perfectly with her skillet fried green beans fresh from the garden. I really need to share Grandma’s Pineapple Cake sometimes. It was awesome.

        Just because I share high carb-high calorie recipes for Southern food does not mean I partake in them. 🙂 Sometimes, yes. Most of the time I eat low carb, ever since 2001. I have a thyroid problem that prevents me from losing weight as well as some others might. That does get discouraging after a while. I am on a journey to heal that problem. That’s what this post is all about…my journey.

        I am actually taking it further than just low carb, I’m not eating wheat or drinking diet sodas. That’s something I never really totally gave up before on low carb. No more Carbquick for me! 🙂 This journey is all about healing.

        More than likely I will continue to share my family’s recipes as I do have some Southern cooking fans as well as low carb fans.

        Thanks for stopping by. Also thanks for your concern and support! 🙂

  3. jred05@charter.net

    Strangely enough, being a type 2 diabetic has made me a bit healthier. I gave up ALL soda years ago. It is so caustic anyway. I use more honey now, as it doesn’t spike my sugars. I am learning to use it in recipes. Yeast is an absolute terror on my body. I am adjusting to wheat free and gluten free, but it is a struggle. I have less pain and swelling in my joints. I am losing weight(which I really need to do!). So, when my brother comes over, I feed him some REALLY good food. He is getting suspicious. I give him the recipes that are so tasty to him. I give him a grocery list for the recipe. He is a school bus driver, and is quite overweight and has severe imflammation in his joints, causing him a great deal of pain. He has had a light bout with gout. His diet is terrible. He lives alone since his wife passed. I send the recipes with the leftovers. Still, he does not really cook for himself. He has one of those Montel Williams things, and makes himself some good soup. He brought me a sample and a recipe(I have one of those gadgets as well). It was REALLY good! He said it makes his joints feel better, so I am all for it. There is a pumpkin ginger soup recipe that is AWESOME. I am not opposed to using recipes that are good and meet my diabetic coumadin rich diet(I have a metal heart valve and have to watch what I eat because of the blood thinner. So, bless you, Jillian! I hope to hear more. Janice

    • Congratulations on your success! Especially the soda. 🙂 I am very interested in anti-inflammation foods, too, as well as liver cleansing foods. I will try to post some of the meals I’ve been having. Some are a little higher carbs than I would’ve eaten in the past, but so far no problems with them. I’m mainly concentrating on meat, veggies, good fats,nuts, and some fruits. Best of luck to you and your brother. I hope he allows you to help him. He won’t regret it! 🙂

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