A Simpler Time – Random Thoughts Wednesday

There was a time not so long ago that life seemed so much simpler and slower paced.  Is it advanced technology that has changed our world?

I mean, I enjoy the internet and my cell phone, but must admit sometimes they can bring more stress than enjoyment.

Sometimes I feel I get information overload and have trouble concentrating.  There’s so many good websites and blogs out there with so many wonderful craft ideas, recipes, DIY projects, etc!  I want to do them all, then I’m disappointed when I can’t find the time or don’t have the money.

Really, I just want to “go back to the land” and try to raise and grow my own food.  To be more self-sufficient.

Does that sound crazy? Sounds like a lot of hard work, but that feeling of satisfaction would be so worth it.

I ran across this post over at Becoming Minimalist (dot) com.

What’s your thoughts?

10 Reasons to Escape Excessive Consumerism

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4 responses to “A Simpler Time – Random Thoughts Wednesday

  1. I am right there with you. I love to go back home to Mom’s and visit because it’s the closest thing to “getting back to the way it was.” But even then, Sis is on the computer, the kids are texting, and all the neighbors are people we don’t know anymore. We’ve advanced our world to make it convenient for us, but time to enjoy it has become an inconvenience.

    • ” We’ve advanced our world to make it convenient for us, but time to enjoy it has become an inconvenience.” You said it right there, Shannon.

  2. patty seifert

    I totally agree. Families used to have time together doing what I call ‘porch sitting’. Neighbors would gather and kids would sit and listen or play. They would solve all the problems of the world at that time.

    • Porch sitting – what a great time! As kids, we used to sit on my Aunt Mary’s porch and guess what color the next car would be. Sometimes it’d be a while before one came down the road. Now I live on that same road and I wouldn’t even dare walk on it!

      Back then, your neighbors might be the only people you’d see for a while. Maybe they had church once a month when the preacher came around.

      We just visited the Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains and my daughters and I discussed this. I guess that’s why I’m feeling overworked and nostalgic today. 🙂

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