First of all, I want to say “Welcome” to all my new subscribers and readers!  It touches me that you find my blog worth following.

This is a very tough and busy time of year for me and I have not been able to post like I would really like to.

A dear friend of mine passed away, too soon after my precious mother left me.

There’s been family sickness, then a short vacation away to visit family, then more family sickness, tornadoes, rain, rain, rain, flooding in our area…and the list goes on.

What a turbulent time we live in!

Hopefully brighter days are coming.

I’ll return soon with a wonderful Southern cookbook review, more great recipes, and hopefully that long promised giveaway!

So don’t go anywhere!  🙂

In the meantime…check out one of my favorite Springtime desserts…

Fruit Pizza!


4 responses to “Randomosity

  1. So sorry to hear of your losses. May peace love and a strong heart be with you.

  2. Gosh so sorry to hear of your sorrows! :hugs: Hope God helps you grieve and heal. :hugs:

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