It’s Opening Day!

This is such an exciting time!

I’m rewriting a previous post I did on Spring Training

a couple of years ago.

Hope that’s okay.  Nothing has changed.

I’m still a big-time Cardinal Fan!  🙂

This has got to be my favorite time of year.

The weather is starting to warm up some, buttercups begin to bloom, and Cardinal Baseball is on the air.  That lets me know that baseball season and summer time is just around the corner.

Almost every evening is spent in the kitchen preparing dinner and cleaning up while listening to a Cardinal baseball game.  After my shower, hair still up in a towel, it’s off to the porch swing with a glass of iced tea to enjoy the warm summer evening and listen to Mike Shannon call the play-by-play on the radio.

So whether you’re cheering for the Yankees, the Cubs, or the Cardinals, or whichever MLB team…sit back, relax, grab a hotdog and let Spring Training begin!

Another BIG Cardinal fan was my late father-in-law, Freddie “Papa” Golden.  Every evening you’d find him sitting in his bedroom or the darkened dining room with the radio turned down low listening to the Cardinals play.

Grandma would come through and fuss at him.  She didn’t like his attention to be on the ballgame instead of her!  😉  Grandma misses him today.  I’m sure if she could turn back time, she’d let him enjoy those few hours that gave him so much pleasure.

Love and miss you, Papa!

Papa & Grandma Golden


Who’s YOUR team?  😀



6 responses to “It’s Opening Day!

  1. Phillies!!! and I am so looking forward to Opening Day tomorrow!!

  2. GrannyMumantoog

    Tomorrow is opening day for my Red Sox but I share your excitement! I too am a lifelong fan and have many early memories. Like when I was 9-13 we actually lived in NY and my brother was a Yankee fan so he and I would be glued to Red Sox/Yankee games! Then, of course 2004 after waiting my whole life it was so thrilling when they won the World Series, though probably not a happy day for your family!

    Ah, Spring…While the Sox go at it in 90degree heat in Texas tomorrow we will be having a snowstorm here in Massachusetts! Nothing like Spring…baseball and snow!!!! It’s like a rite of passage up here!

  3. We do the same thing at our house, but we have to pay extra for the cable MLB package to get Red Sox games in Houston. You’re right about the local guys calling the play-by-play: nothing finer!

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