Induction ~ Days 13 and 14

Once again I’ve found myself super busy. It’s rush season in the screen printing business, so that means it’s harder to post.  It’s even harder to take a decent lunch hour! lol

Anyway, maybe I’m being too impatient.  Common sense told me I probably wouldn’t lose more than my first Induction 10 years ago, when I lost 7 lbs.

Maybe I should be happy that I’ve lost 6.5, but it is a little disappointing after all my effort.  I’d love to lose 10-15 lbs in 4 weeks.  Hopefully that will be doable.

Here’s my Sunday dinner and dessert.  Both are supposed to be Induction Friendly.  The cake is something I won’t have often.  I wasn’t overly impressed with it and think I prefer my *Baked Fudge.

For more on these recipes and my progress, please check my Induction Page.

*My Baked Fudge is a recipe that I threw together one evening several months ago when I wanted a sugar free warm chocolaty treat.  I will be sharing the very easy recipe real soon.


4 responses to “Induction ~ Days 13 and 14

  1. Ooo, looking forward to your baked fudge recipe! I’m not low carb because of losing weight, I do it because I am diabetic, but I hope you manage to lose what you want!

  2. My understanding is that on a low calorie diet, the “average” weight loss is 2.5 lbs. per week. So it sounds like you are actually above that and eating well (or are you limiting calories?) However, I undertand your desire to lose faster.
    Thinking out loud here…I wonder what would happen if one followed induction and also used HCG without severely restricting calories……

    • I think it seems slower since I lost most of it in the first week and this week has just been bouncing back and forth. I don’t restrict my calories that I know of, don’t even count them.

      I guess I’m just ready to break beyond that barrier that is a couple years old and reach a “new” (old) weight. lol

      Thanks for reminding me that I’m doing okay.

      I have a friend that was losing fast and she said it was the only thing that worked for her. She was on a low cal/med carb diet from the sounds of it and she said she was taking something (memory fails me here) and it might have been the HCG that you talk about.

      I am not familiar with HCG but I did see it for sale on Netrition dot com, I think.

      Sounds interesting.

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