Induction ~ Day 10

Down that half pound today.

It’s nothing unusual to play around with a few pounds.  Maybe my body is fighting hard to break beyond that barrier that has been so impossible to get beyond over the past few years.

I talked to my friend who started a week before me and she’s down another 1.5 for a total of 10.5 in right at 3 weeks!  She is so excited.

Lunch today…

For menus and updates…check my Induction Page.

If you’re on Induction or low carb, feel free to leave your losses in your comments.  I’m excited to hear your achievements!


5 responses to “Induction ~ Day 10

  1. Marjorie Daly

    It seems to me that you gained weight rather than lose it??

    • Actually for the 2 week induction period I lost about 7 lbs. Then I bought a new digital scale because my old scale died. It changed my weight which was very discouraging. But, anyway. :/ No I lost about 7 lbs which is normal for me in the induction period. Lesson learned. Have you been on induction?

  2. Just stopping by to say congratulations!!

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