Induction ~ Day 7

I’m finishing my first week and I must say I’m excited.  I’m feeling better, so that’s good.  Got my One-a-Days so I’m ready to go!

My lunch today…

I’m down . 5 lbs this morning for a total of 5.5 which is wonderful for my first week.  I’m kind of expecting a gain, just because that’s me.  This next week I’ll be losing new numbers, if you know what I mean.  It’s been a while since I lost more than 5 lbs and got lower than I am, so we’ll just see what happens.

Since it is Induction, I’m going to try to keep my meals as simple and low carb as possible.  I may try some Induction recipes next week.

I did have a Mock Danish this morning and that’s as adventurous as I’ve gotten so far.  I don’t want to fall back into the dangerous habit or trying to make fancy (or semi-fancy ;)) dishes to keep myself from getting bored.  Actually I’m not bored at all with my food, just maybe a little with water and what little flavored water I’m drinking.

For menus and more info, see my Induction Page.


2 responses to “Induction ~ Day 7

  1. Yay!!! 5 Pounds is awesome. 🙂

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