Friday Favorites Link Party

I joined the party at Simply Sweet Home.

2 responses to “Friday Favorites Link Party

  1. Hi! I found your blog at simply sweet home and the name was intrigueing, so I checked it out, and Im glad I did. being from the south myself, when I saw the picture of your chicken fried steak plate, I was sold! beautiful! ( I would like to know how you cook your green beans, they looked good, and thats one thing I just cant get just right) anyway, glad I found your blog.

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by! As for my green beans, I usually sautee them in a skillet with some real butter or bacon grease. I don’t leave a lot of water in there ’cause that makes them have to cook longer and they tend to lose their flavor. If I used canned, I drain them first. The ones I have in the red skillet, I got fresh at the Farmer’s Market. I did them the same way, only a little longer. We eat a lot of green beans! My daughter loves them! this is probably bad, but an old saying about the South is we tend to cook our veggies longer than our meat! 😉

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