Happy Birthday to the best Mom ever!

Today Mom would have been 68.

There’s just no words in the English language to express my feelings. I love and miss you like crazy, Mom.  I hope you’re having the best birthday ever!

(Family picture from June 23, 2008)

Several days ago as my brother and I went through a few things at Mom’s house, he ran across a piece of yellowed and torn paper with old fashioned large cursive handwriting.  It was a poem, written for my mom by my Great Aunt Mary for her birthday many years ago.  There’s no date, but judging from the poem, I’m guessing it was written in the mid to late 70’s.

I’m sharing it today many years later.  Both of these ladies are now gone, but will live on forever in our hearts and memories.

Happy Birthday, Genelle

Once upon a find June morning
One to be remembered well
It was the birthday of some one
whose name is Lois Genelle.

She is a very fine lady
A singer and player, too.
Of lovely songs about Jesus
Some are old and some are new.

She is a very busy lady
She doesn’t idle around
She cares for her home in the country
And also works in the town.

Very thoughtful is she of her family
A husband and children three
She surely is a great blessing
To others including me.

She’s attentive for sure to her mother
And was to her Daddy too
Enjoys a wide spread friendship
of the old and of the new.

Good food she loves to prepare it
And give thanks unto God above
Who blesses us all so greatly
How great is His marvelous love.

Kenny, oldest of the children
Jill Ann the next in line
And then there is our Jonathan
A little singer so fine.

So good to see children appreciate
Their parents and treat them well
May these not fail to honor
Their parents Jack & Genelle

So another Happy Birthday
For Genelle is now on hand
May it be the best one ever
With blessings so very grand.

For all the relatives I would like to say
God bless you, Nell, and Happy Birthday
Remember we love you and it’s good to know
We can bless one another as onward we go.

May God’s richest blessings be yours.


3 responses to “Happy Birthday to the best Mom ever!

  1. Shirley Viar

    Jullian..How we miss our mom..Just next month will be a year that my mom will be gone…I really know how you feel..The poem is beautiful..brought tears to my eyes…

  2. I love the poem your Aunt wrote. Your mom reminds me so much of how own mom used to be. My mom loved to cook and I guess that is where I get it from. My mom cooked huge amounts of food because she loved having people stop by and eat at our house. She was a wonderful cook, too. She also sang hymns a lot. Especially the old ones. I can just see her standing at the stove singing while she was cooking a meal. I hope your mother had a wonderful birthday in heaven and I know she was with you in spirit.

  3. Beautiful!!!

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