~My Mom~

6-23-42  –  5-11-2010

. . .

I love you, Mom and will miss you so very, very much.  But where you’ve gone, there is no pain…no confusion…no heartache.

The only heart aching is my own.

Your children…Kenny, Jillian, & Jonathan

. . .

I thought I knew a thing or two of beauty:
I’ve known your love since I was hours old.
But now I bear myself the awesome duty
That love turns into joy, and joy to gold.
How precious to experience your pleasure!
To be on both sides of the deep-felt glance;
To know so well the moment’s gift full measure;
To be both lead and partner in that dance.
No child can be but grateful for her children
When loved so well as to know well to love.
No mother can but hope her prudent passion
Will move a heart to move as her heart moved.
The love you felt for me I now can feel,
Which makes it not more lovely, but more real.

(More stories about Mom and her parents)


9 responses to “~My Mom~

  1. Jillian~I’m so sorry to hear about your mom….I know the pain you are going through and you have my heartfelt sympathies.

  2. Dee Johnston

    I am so sorry about your Mom. I lost mine several years ago and she was the sweetest Mom. I think about her every day and will forever. But just remember, you will see her later.

  3. Linda Bonham

    Jill, what a great compliment to your mom!!
    I know she was so blessed to have you as a daughter.
    You are a very talented young lady.
    God bless and comfort you at this time.

  4. Hi Jillian, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. She was so beautiful in that picture and I know you are hurting and miss her so much. This is a wonderful tribute to your mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Love and hugs.

  5. Shirley Viar

    Jullian such a beautiful poem….Just lost my mom not a year ago yet..Just know she really loved you and she really loved the lord….Bless you.

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