Snow Cream

I’ve made it different ways over the years, but

this is some of the best

Snow Cream I’ve ever made.

Kinda tastes like Homemade Ice Cream, which I love.

Snow Cream

1 can evaporated or Pet Milk

1 can condensed Milk

1 Tbsp vanilla flavoring

3/4 cups sugar

Stir all this together real well and then start adding snow until the mixture gets thicker.  My daughter went out twice for snow until we got it the way we wanted it.  I just told her to make sure it was CLEAN snow.  (lol) It was.

***Sugar Free Version – THM (S)***

Whisk together 3/4 cup heavy cream*,  dash of vanilla,  sprinkle of sea salt, and your favorite no cal sweetener to taste.  Make it fairly sweet since it will taste less sweet as you add the snow.

Add in 4 cups of fresh snow.  Stir well until soft serve consistency.  May need to add more or less snow.

*( I used a mixture of almond milk and heavy cream to make 3/4 cup)

5 responses to “Snow Cream

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  2. Thanks to you all for commenting! Yay for comments! I’m excited. 😀

    April and Heather, I’m from Dyersburg in West Tennessee. We had a awesome (and unusual) heavy snow this weekend and was able to go sledding and make snow cream more than once. 🙂

    Stephanie (Momma), I am honored to have you comment. Your story touches me so much (as my mom fights sinus cancer today) and I’m still lifting you and your family up in prayer. 🙂

  3. Jillian! Firstly, thank you for commenting in my blog. Secondly – SNOW CREAM. It is sooo my favorite winter-time treat. It is a nostalgic thing for me, and I always get excited when someone posts about it. I’d like to know (as well as April) what part of TN. you are from. I’m a Knoxville girl. It’s just so nice to meet another TN blogger.

  4. I love love love love love snow cream!

    I remember having it as a kid. Great memories…. Makes me wish I had some snow……and makes me think I might just have to make some ice cream tonight….

  5. I love snow cream too! But, I have only made it with milk, sugar and vanilla. This version sounds yummy!!

    Are you in Knoxville? I too am planning my garden for this year and told my husband I want chickens. The only problem is that I live in a subdivision and wouldn’t go over nicely with the neighbors…or the dogs. 🙂

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