It’s Snowing!!!!!

Boy, oh boy, is it ever!  We have about 5″ and are expecting more tonight.

Work even closed early, which is very unusual.  The banks closed at noon.  But that didn’t stop people from getting out.

We went sledding at 7:00 pm!  Then came home to a big crock pot of Homemade Chili to warm our cold and weary bodies.

If it’s snowing where you are, have fun, stay warm and be careful!


3 responses to “It’s Snowing!!!!!

  1. Lisa, here in West TN, we got the ice/sleet first then it started snowing. Last night it was RAINING at 25º! while the kids and hubby were sledding. Their jackets had a coating of frozen rain on them! It was miserable outside so I sat in the car and did a little crocheting. 😀 Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get out in it today.

  2. excuse me – “than us”

  3. You must live further east that us. We got several inches of snow and it turned to ice around 6pm.

    Everything was closed here yesterday before the snow even started. I stopped by the library – closed. Kind of weird, I thought.

    Glad you got to play in the snowy goodness:) and chili afterward…..sounds like a perfect evening.

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