My Grandparents – 1935

Missing for 15 years, this photo was found in an old purse of my Mom’s.


Doy Otis Butler and Lois Alma Wells

Mom has been fighting sinus cancer since 2003.  I’ve been spending more time with her, trying to help in any way I can.  I was just straightening up in her bedroom a little as she took a shower.  I spotted some beaded black satin material and thought it was just a house-dress and I’d hang it up for her.  I pulled out this purse that I didn’t recall seeing.  As I moved it I heard some change rattling around and thought I’d get it out for her.  She has tons of old purses with change in the bank envelopes from her working days.

I opened the drawstring on this unusual purse and laying there on top of several items was this picture of my grandparents in 1935, one year before their wedding date.   It was in excellent condition and I was so pleased to find it.

Then I spotted 2 more pictures, those in not so good shape.  I gently placed them on her bed, eager to show them to her.  As she came out of the shower, she spotted the pictures laying there on the bed.  Her knees went weak and she almost fainted because she was so happy to see them.  She had feared them lost forever. 

She told me a what she could remember about the picture.  It was taken outside her aunt’s house and that they had had a spat the day before.  This might account for the slightly severe facial expressions.  I assume they got over the spat.  They were married for over 40 years and had 1 child, a daughter- my mother, Genelle.

I believe finding these precious pictures was just a little gift from the Man above to let us know that we’re not forgotten and that there are moments of happiness and pleasure yet to come.


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