Ugly Green Bean Fries (Low Carb)


Ugly Green Bean Fries (Low Carb)

16 oz bag of frozen beans (I used whole green beans)
1 tbsp of butter or bacon grease
1 tbsp of olive oil
salt, pepper, garlic powder

Put green beans in a plastic bag, pour in fats, season to taste. Shake the green beans in the bag to coat with the fat and seasonings.   Bake at 400º for 45 minutes or until brownish and crispy.  Cool and enjoy with Heinz 1 Carb Ketchup (the best!).

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4 responses to “Ugly Green Bean Fries (Low Carb)

  1. I’ve got canned green beans I will try this with. I will definitely drain and dry them first, and I’ve just gotten back into a modified Atkins plan so I’m looking for yummy, tasty stuff to eat. Thanks!

  2. Bacon grease? My husband would adore this! Sounds delicious!

  3. I make “Ugly Green Beans” quite often, and they’re surprisingly delicious. I use sea salt, freshly ground pepper, onion powder and garlic powder as the seasonings. But I’ve always used just olive oil, and never thought of adding bacon grease. That sounds wonderful! Thanks for the idea. I’m going to try it for dinner today.

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