Aunt Mary’s Special Cake with Strawberries


Several years ago I had a chance

to go through Aunt Mary’s little recipe box.  I copied down the recipes that I thought I might like to make and read through those that I remembered her making.  There was Date Nut Cake, Chess Pie, Pecan Crisp Cookies and even a recipe on stationery sent from a friend along with a greeting and personal  note.  One that stood out to me was hid near the back of the box, with no name other than Cake.  Not wanting it to get lost in my files I renamed it “Special Cake”.


Over the years, I’ve made Special Cake several times, usually during the summer to go with strawberries and fresh whipped cream.  My oldest daughter happens to love Strawberry Shortcake.


I made it again this weekend and decided to use my new bundt pan (can you call it a pan if it’s ceramic?) from Williams-Sonoma that was a gift from my dear youngest brother.  Here’s a similar cake pan if you’re looking for something a little different.  This glass bundt cake pan is very unusual and surprisingly afforable!


My cake wanted to stick a little and didn’t brown as well as the one on the cake pan lable, even after baking for 45 minutes.  I took a slice of it and cubed it up for Strawberry Shortcake Trifle.  Check out these cute individual trifle dishes!


Don’t you just love spring?  Spring brings us those delicious little red bits of delectable fruit we call strawberries.  Aunt Mary brought me a Special Cake recipe to use with that delicious fruit,  along with many wonderful memories.


Happy Spring and happy Strawberry Shortcake Season!

Read more about Aunt Mary’s life and recipes

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8 responses to “Aunt Mary’s Special Cake with Strawberries

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  4. realistic bird

    A nice looking easy dessert, I like the design of the bundt ceramic. 😀

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  6. cottagedweller

    Reminds me of my Grandmother’s recipe box. The hand writings are even very similar. Weird in a nice way! Like the new cake pan; it’s almost to pretty to use.

  7. This is the sweetest story, and the dessert looks fantastic. Love handwritten recipes.

  8. Lovely! There’s another quick and easy dessert idea (once you have the cake, anyway)! Love the handwritten recipe for “Cake”–must be very special to you:)

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